Felix Herbold is a German pilot rallies born in Ingolstadt. After winning third place in the German Rally Championship in 2009 and his victory in Division3 with his Citroen C2, he transferred to the Zwickauer Robot Racing Team. There, he first got behind the wheel of a Ford R3 and later of a Honda Civic Typ R EP3 mounted by J.A.S. Now, after a year off in 2013, Felix is competing again for the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, in which all drivers drive the Opel ADAM, competing with the same technology. What drives him is the strong competition he will be up against for this unique cup. “To even be eligible to win you have to drive to the limit at all times. For a long time I have competed against one or two opponents for victory in a category. And although that was also demanding, I missed competing against a variety of opponents. Other than that, the ADAM, with its 140 horsepower, can be driven like a real race car. It’s really fun!” Says Felix.

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